• Old Motoring Advertisements is a series of books exploring the art of automobile advertising from a time since gone. Sourced from the extensive library of author L.J. Morley these have been lovingly collected over the years and are shared with you now.

    The complete series covers the period from 1892 - 1929.


    Book 1 - looks at advertisements from the turn of the century through to the early 1920s. A time when society was moving from the horse and buggy, to the open top automobile.


    Book 2 - looks at advertisements from the first half of the roaring 20s. A time when the automobile was becoming not only a mode of transport, but status symbol.


    Book 3 - looks at advertisements from the second half of the roaring 20s. A time of extravagance before the world would be turned upside down by the great depression.


    Included in this pack is:

    • Old Motoring Advertisements: Part 1 1800s - 1920
    • Old Motoring Advertisements: Part 2 1921 - 1925
    • Old Motoring Advertisements: Part 3 1926 - 1929


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    Old Motoring Advertisements - Set of 3 books

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    • L J Morley